Homework Thursday 5/14 and Fri 5/15

read page 152 and all of chapter seven in your China Regional Studies Book, answer Developing Critical Thinking Skills 1-4on page 183
Monday/Tuesday 5/18/519
answer questions 1-7 on page 22
Wed 5/20
Finish Mao quote activity complete a total of five.
Friday 5/22 Block A read and answer the questions on the Lin Biao handout.
Block B and C complete the Confucius questions 1-8 page 56-57

Cultural Revolution Learning Goals

---Learn about the social, political, and economic changes brought about in China during the CR
--understand the major events of the CR
--compare and contrast Mao’ s teaching with Confucius
--Analyze various primary source documents
--Analyze propaganda and personal experience
----Examine the cost of the Revolution on Chinese society, was it necessary?
Quotations by Mao
cult of personality



• who wrote the doc and when
• For what purpose
• summarize main points
• what important information does the doc give you
• Consider the effect it may have had
• Significance: Why is this source important? What inferences can you draw from this document? Ask yourself, “So What”? In other words explain what the doc adds to the understanding of the CR

The next day you will be responsible for teaching your document individually, taking notes, and asking thought provoking questions.

Evaluating the Revolution

Propaganda Assignment
Useful links
Artifacts from the Cultural Revolution
class enemies

Home Work Monday, Tuesday
Block A finish Confucius Activity
Block B complete following journal response--
Explain what the main ideas of the last few paragraphs are, evaluate Biao's reasons for the revolution. Does his argument sense? Is it reasonable? should be about three paragraphs to answer, upload to wiki journal
Block C - complete the POSTERS activity outlines in the above link
Wed 5/27, Thursday 5/28
Block A and B complete the posters activity in the link above.
Block C Read you document and be ready to discuss with your group tomorrow. Look at Morning Sun Link in Posters.
Tuesday 6/2 ABC
Read "Recalling my Parents Experience in the Great Cultural Revolution and answer the questions in EVALUATING THE REVOLUTION