Reading Schedule day 1 1-34
4/9 Read pg 34-59 reading quiz up to this point
Write a 1.5- 2 page diary entry from the perspective of a Japanese soldier based on the reading. Take note of
  • education 29-33, "Killing Prisoners of War" "The Murder of Civilians"
  • view of the Chinese, Bushido
  • and anything else you read or discussed
  • Include date, and make up a name
4/10 4/13
81-91,95, 99-104

What the world knew 147-157
Answer these questions to discuss and turn in on Chapter 5, and pages 147-157.
  • In general, what are the foreigners able to reveal about the Nanking Genocide? Why is it important for world knowledge for them to be there?
  • How did the Japanese try to conceal their crimes during the Rape of Nanking?
  • How did word get out about what was happening in Nanking and how did people in the United States react?
  • What sort of image of the WWII era history does Japan play up?
  • What is the current controversy about Nanking?
  • Why do you think Hiroshima and Japanese interment are better remembered than the Rape of Nanking?
Read Chapter 10 and read answer the questions below.
The first set refer to chapter 10 and the second set refer to Waking Old Wounds.

Homework for Monday 4/20
external image pdf.png china angry over text book 2005.pdf also here is a another short article I would like you to read Japans Sins of Omission you will need to have read these 3 for our activity next class.
Also HW talk to grandparent and parent about their opinion of Japan. What do they remember/ know about the Japanese occupation? Have the Japanese given a formal apology? Should Korea have a say in what Japan writes in its textbooks? Anything else. Take notes to turn in.


study guide four militarism quiz
hague convention