Copy and paste each journal prompt into your response page.
If Rabbit is too Smart for his own good, Owl is the Brain, and Piglet... Pooh?
2/26-2/27 The Tao says that the ruler should "rule by inaction" How do you make sense of this? Is it at all possible?
3/11 Explain right mindfulness and right concentration. Do you see how you could apply this to your daily life? Why or why not?
4/1 In describing Japanese development, a British Professor in 1873 declared that he felt 400 years old by the end of the century. Explain the historical context behind this quote.
4/3 and 4/6 Block C Japan had to westernize or be destroyed. A and B respond to creating a new system on page 67.
Block A and B The Question is not unfrequently asked..., is not Japan going ahead too fast? In some respects we fear she is."
What is the context of this quote, and do you agree with this quote?

4th quarter journals
4/10, 4/13 What do you find most shocking about what you have read so far? How do make sense of such cruelty?

4/28 Do you think it was safer to be a communist or anti-communist during the Korean War? B and C only

4/30 Do countries have an obligation to compensate each other for injustices done in time of war?
5/8 Explain the meaning of "Shattered Faith" how does it relate to the story?
6/2 Responding to images What can you infer about the Cultural Revolution from these pictures? Try to conect some of the photos to the 4 olds. Images can be found on the morning sun website linked in the wiki.