Alice and Eungi's Propoganda

Mao Stickers


Mao Bracelet


Quotes in bracelets:

Mao Poster


Eungi's Writeup

The propaganda stickers promoted the popularity of Mao. Trying to induce the children of the ages, the stickers themselves have symbolism within each one of them. Mao's face is drawn into the biggest circle in the center, representing that Mao is indeed the center of all others and the one that outshines the others. Right above is a sticker filled with the sentences from the poster that simply states, "Chinese people and Communism is the best; Promote equality!" Left is the sticker of the most influencing propaganda of the time: the little red book. Little flags of Communism and China are distributed around and a sticker with the character of "soldier" is also scattered. There are two stickers with shadows of the people rebelling and the weapons that they used that promotes people to rebel against the government and also a picture of Mao's hand that radiates in white, somehow representing the hand of God. Mini stars that many Chinese wore on their clothes are also provided. The last sticker is one of a rising sun which symbolizes that Mao is the sun that shines above all others. Overall, the stickers represented many aspects of the Cultural Revolution including: Mao is the rising sun, people should revolt, and that red represents the Chinese.
The purpose of the stickers was to seduce people into buying them and to stick them everywhere so that Mao and Communism is all around China.
The poster warps up all the different types of propoganda into a single message that states basically that Chinese and Communists are the best and the equality is something that should be promoted. It advertises people into buying the wristbands and stickers for the citizens to feel happy that they are promoting Mao. But as Mao believed in the future generation, the main consumers were targeted to be children so that they start to believe in Communism even from the early age whether it's consciously or subconsciously. Compared to posters or other source of literature, imagery and quotes were used for easy understanding and symbolism within each one of them

Alice's Writeup

The propaganda my group came with were stickers, bracelets, and a poster promoting to wear and use them in public. The universal theme for these propaganda is support the cultural revolution and follow the path Mao is taking. Out of the three propaganda, the stickers meant the equality and the unity among people. Stickers are usually considered as kids object to play with not for adults but in real life, stickers are widely used in the world. Addition to that, they are used for decorations, name tags, and play tools and they are also a great way to advertise and promote certain ideas. Like stickers that can be used anywhere by anyone, the basic rights and equality for human beings are both applied to male and female. Using the same stickers all over the place established the unity among people. They are all supporting Mao and Cultural Revolution and by using the same stickers, people will interact with each other easily and efficiently. Through the usage of stickers, my partner, Eungi, and I tried to describe the presence of equality between men and women in the New China and the unity of people by using the same stickers within one country.

The other propaganda we had, the bracelet, although tied under the same universal theme, Cultural Revolution, explored a slightly different part of the Cultural Revolution. The bracelets were meant to basically promote Mao and show that he is everywhere near us like God is in a religion. On these bracelets, there are quotes by Mao throughout all subjects. Wearing these will definitely spread Mao's teachings and communism even to the bourgeoises. Bracelets are meant to be worn almost everyday and indicate that that person belongs to a certain group. Through the bracelet, people will acknowledge his presence anywhere because his teachings are on the bracelet. Having certain quotes will definitely affect that person's devotion to that certain teaching. These indicated explanations leads to the promotion of Mao as well. The bracelets and the stickers might not be a strong propaganda in the first place, they are more stronger than any other art pieces that are used as propaganda because they are carrying it with themselves and unconsciously spreading Mao's teachings all over China.