- Economical political
- Proved strength
- Contain Commanders
- Death of many soldiers; 33,629 soldiers
- Spent a lot of money
- Fear Communism more
- First war that the UN had participated in and had improved their image.
- Fought for freedom and demonstrated UN resolve to stop unprovoked aggressions
- Demonstrated individual and collective heroism in facing human waves of North Korean and Chinese aggressors.
- 33,629 Americans, numberless Koreans, 717 Turkish soldiers, 1,109 soldiers of UK died.
- Not always successful, so the countries didn't wanted to join the UN
- North Korea as a Communist Nation
- US. And China conflict
- Lost 299 men
- Lost 335 groups
- Lost UN trust
- More tension by U.S.
- Economic decline (Arms Race)
- (South) the Japanese polices were replaced by trained Koreans
- Established their own government
- Trained own armies and Navy armies.
- Receives aid from their side of the country
- The geography was damaged severely
- Many people died; 137,899 navy officers died in South.
- Economic loss: bombed, industries destroyed.
- Orphans
- Cost of innocence civilians
- 4 million people died
- Developed variety of strategic and tactical weapons.
- Exports to North Korea
- Threatened with nuclear weapons that can lead to future generation. (Health problems)
- Was held hostage by US, and as a result many Chinese died.
- Lost trade with US
- Taiwon becomes more protective by the states
- 2000-3000 tanks lost, and one million people dead.