Thematic Analysis- Sylvia Jung

There is a limit to Cleverness. Hoff states "for everyone, the plan failed, as Clever Plans do, sooner or later." (37). Rabbit is the one who represents cleverness, however he is not successful. Rabbit does not look very deeply into things to begin with. 4pooh+and+piglet.png

No two objects are the same. Everything has its own Inner Nature. The author explains that inner nature creates human to be different and unique for each other. Hoff supports his thoughts with The Cottleston Pie Principle.

"A fly can't bird, but a bird can fly." (39)

From the writing of Chuang-tse, Hui-tse tells Chuang-tse that his tree is useless and has no value to it. However Chuang-tse states "It is usless to you only because you want to maike it into something else, and do not us it in its proper way." (40). Hoff is trying to say that if you give respect and use what you have in a proper way, you can gain something out of it. If you know and respect your inner nature, you are able to find where you belong.

"A fish can't whisle and neither can I." (43)

Different individuals have certain limitations, there is nothing wrong not being able to do something others can do. We can start changing and improving when we reconize What's There. If you just ignore what's there, you can not overcome yourself and will lack behind others. Like tigger, he was not able to find his limitations and thought he knew everything. He said that Tiggers were better than Poohs at climbing trees and once he was up there, he was stuck up in the trees. A saying from the Chinese Medication is that the troouble of you not knowing your limitations is unhealthy. If you face and understand your limitations, you can work with them. Like Tigger, if you iggnore your limitations, it will work agains you. However, once you recognized your limitations, you can work with them. Another example, Piglet is a very small animal and can help herself in different situations.

We do not have to question about stuff that aren't important and stuff that we don't need to know. Though, we need o recognize and work with Things As They Are. Taoists believed that things are left alone because it is how the nature wants it to be. Pooh and Piglet tries to capture Heffalump with a jar of honey. There plan will not work because there are different desires and purpose depending on that person.


People can be led to different directions because humans have brain, and the brain can be fooled. However, inner nature cannot be fooled. Many do not realize this and don't understand themselves. If you cannot understand yourself, you have little respect for yourself, and can be easily influenced by others. We can ignore the others and work on our characteristics and have control in our lives. We can Recognize Who We Are, and work for whats best for ourselves. This is an important part when practicing Taoism.

We do not need to be too desperate, too ruthless, and too combative. The first thing we need to do is rcognize and trust our own Inner Nature.

The Ugly Duckling is the swan, but nobody noticed it; the swan was hidden inside the duck.