Chapter Summary -Yunjin Kim


Rabbit visits Christopher Robin, but he is nowhere in sight. Instead, rabbit finds a note that says, “BISY BACKSON” (busy back soon) in front of the house. Rabbit didn’t know what a Backson was even though he was actually considered to be one. So he went to Owl to ask what it is, but in fact, Owl didn’t know it either. What’s a Bisy Backson after all? We see them everywhere anytime. They are people who are always in a hurry, always trying to get something done and complete. Due to their nature, they tend to avoid being in one place. Therefore, they are desperately active every day. They have constantly struggle to change everything and everyone but themselves.

The athletic Backson, is concerned mostly with physical fitness. They consider something should be pounded in from the outside rather than the inside. Thus, they confuse exercise with work. Work, Work, Work, that’s there motto, they never rest or play. It also what makes them end up dead too. As Hoff states, “If you want to be healthy, relaxed and contented, just watch a Bisy Backson and do the opposite” (95). Bisy Backson always seems to have to be going somewhere; he never goes out just for a walk since he doesn’t have enough time. He is always on the run because he is looking for the reward that is always around the next corner or above the next step. This attitude works against the natural order of things and makes it difficult to be happy. Just like any of his ancestors, Bisy Backson has never really felt at ease, at peace with himself. He’s just too hard on others, himself, and to the world to attempt to carry on his task. Changing inside is one thing Backson will never do. They urge to grow and develop to constantly changing everything and everyone else but himself.

Bisy Backson’s society developed from breaking youthfulness down and destroying it. Any activities that do not relate to the search for the Great Reward were under the heading of Saving Time. For example, Hoff describes it as: The Hamburger Stand. Every country in the world has some kind of same place where people can eat, relax, and talk without worrying about the time. In china, there is the Teahouse. It’s a really social institution. “You’re important, relax and enjoy yourself” is the main message. However, in contrary, the hamburger stand is quite different. Their main message is: “You don’t count, hurry up”. The whole world knows that fast food stands don’t care about the customer’s time and health.

Simply, Hoff tries to explain that people should not rely on timesaving devices since you cannot save them. You can only spend it wisely or foolishly. Such as Bisy Backson, many people have no time at all because they are too busy wasting it by trying to save it which they end up wasting their time.
Going back to the principle of Taoism, contrary to the youth destroyer Bisy Backson, the Taoist traditions is known for a figure as the Youthful Immortal. It is filled with great stories and accounts of the young discovering the secrets of life.

They each all meant one result, “a long life of youthful appearance, outlook, and energy. For this, Taoist immortals have been known for their young attitudes, appearances, and energies. What is the moment before we being to eat honey? We think it’s more beyond anticipation: awareness. It’s when people realize they are happy. When we take time to enjoy ourselves, we would be nowhere close to become a Bisy Backson. “Being a Bisy Backson is a tremendous waste of time (113.)