Discussion Questions - Yoonji Reem and Yunjin Kim

1) Why is Bisy Backson always busy?Explain.

2) Why is Backson not really healthy? Explain.

3) What is the purpose of being in hurry for Bisy Backson?

4) How is Hamburger Stand compared to Bisy Backson?

5) The Chinese Teahouse and the Hamburger Stand are representative of two different ways of living, explain each of their messages. (pg.107-108)

6) Who were the first Bisy Backsons in this part of the world? How were they? (pg 100)

7) According to Hoff, what does it mean "the moment before we begin to eat the honey?" (pg. 112-113)

8) Do you agree with Hoff that saving time is wasting your time? Explain.

9) According to Taoism what seems to be more important, the journey or the end result? Explain.